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Imagine for a moment the day when your restaurant will be perfect. You need to dream a bit and that may be hard for you. You didn’t get to where you are today by dreaming. You got here by hard work. You’re thinking perfection is impossible. And you’re right! But let’s take a magical journey to a land where perfection co-exists with unicorns and fairies.  How does the business run? How much are you working? Imagine every aspect of the business and think about how it can be perfect.

Five years ago, we asked a client what perfection was to him. All he wanted was a Porsche. He said his business was almost broke and couldn’t afford to pay him enough to buy his Porsche. We worked with him to implement strategies to make more money through revenue growth and cost savings.  We’re proud to say that today our client owns his dream car, and is thinking about opening more locations.

Restaurant Ninjas’ goal is to help restaurants get closer to their definition of perfection. Maybe not perfect, but closer than it has ever been before.   You may have tried other restaurant consultants and not gotten any results. Been there, done that!  Perhaps the consultant was not the right fit for your personality and business. Our first meeting will determine whether or not we continue working together. We don’t want to waste your time. From the first meeting, if we feel we are not the right fit for you or you for us, we will tell you and go our separate ways.

Restaurant Ninjas is the brainchild of two Ninja Masters. Both have extensive restaurant experience. One ninja owned and operated three restaurants before selling them all in 2013. The other ninja worked as an executive chef and corporate food cost controller for over 40 years. Whether it’s the thrill of a rush, the sick feeling of catching someone stealing, or the day to day grind trying to balance work and family, we’ve been there.

You’ve worked hard in your restaurant. That goes without saying. No one survives this business without hard work. You know this business. But you’re struggling.  In the Godfather 3, Michael Corleone famously says, “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in”. As you know, running a restaurant is always a struggle. Our experience tells us that a restaurant operator either struggles with making money or transferring his knowledge to someone else.  The small margins a restaurant makes can easily erode if someone is not trained to watch every penny like you. 

We are the Restaurant Ninjas, located in Moncton, NB Canada and we specialize in Restaurant Consulting Services.  Our primary goal is to help our clients systemize their operations so they make more money, and ultimately work less.  We believe in a franchise prototype. 80% of independent restaurants fail within five years. Yet only 20% of franchises fail in that same time. The main difference between franchised restaurants and independents is the systems that are implemented. Every restaurant can benefit from these systems. And that’s what we do. Interestingly, some of our best clients are franchises who want to improve on their own systems.  

Results are the only thing that matters to us. If you ask for something in which we don’t have expertise, we don’t fake it. We’ll help find the right resource so you, the customer, can achieve what you are trying to do.

If you need help with systemizing your restaurant, we’d love to have an initial meeting to see if there is a fit.